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One of the most frustrating things a home owner has to deal with is pest infestation. Great Lakes Pest Control Services Inc. offers pest control services for many common household pests. Unlike most pest control companies, we offer our services with no long term contracts.

State Certified Technicians

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that your home is pest free and the pest control services were performed by a knowledgeable and conscientious company. All of our technicians are certified by the states of Indiana (OISC) and Michigan (Michigan Department of Agriculture). We are also licensed and fully insured in Michigan and Indiana.
Perimeter Treatments

Our perimeter Treatments utilize residual products that release over a period of three months to achieve outstanding results
We treat a band in the soil, mulch, groundcover and lawn surrounding and adjacent to your home. Treatment is also applied to your home, exposed foundation, around windows, doors, eves, soffits, garage doors and garbage cans.

Termites are a major concern for any home owner. They can absolutely destroy your home from the inside out.

It is very important to protect your home from termites before they get in. If they do get in, you will need to exterminate them before they begin to destroy the integrity of your home.

We offer the best in termite baiting technology. Let us show you how we can achieve termite colony elimination of an active colony and continued protection for your home.
Real Estate Pest Control Inspections

If there is one place where Pest Control Inspection and Services are needed, it is the Real Estate Industry.
Great Lakes Pest Control Services Inc. inspects homes that are being bought or sold.

VA & FHA Inspection Forms

ESTD 2004

The History


Great Lakes Pest Control Services Inc. is a locally owned and operated business. It was established in 2004 by Jeff Wenzel and Bryan Rawlings in Sturgis Michigan.



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Flea Treatments
Starts at $185
Throrough treatment thorugh out the house
Carpenter Ants Treatment
Starts at $175
Please call for details to see what this price includes.
Starts at $135
(Spiders, ants, earwigs etc.)
Bed Bugs
Call for a Quote
Due to the nature of each case being unique we need to collect a bit of informaiton from you to provide you with the most accurate price quote.
Real Estate Inspection
Starts at $75
Real Estate Pest Control Inspections
VA & FHA Inspection Forms
Bee & Wasp Hive Treatments
Starts at $ 125
Please call for details to see what this price includes.
Starts at $200
Please call for details to see what this price includes.
Yellow Jacket, Hornet & Hive
Starts at $ 125
Yellow Jacket, Hornet and Hive Removal. Please call for further details

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